Job consultancy in India: Then and Now

Monday, October 15, 2018

Job consultancy in India: Then and Now

Job Consultancy in India has come a long way – from body shopping to consultancy. Is it one and the same? Or a sophisticated version of the older one?

This contract service is prevalent in India for more than 30 years! During initial times body shopping was mocked by the big players saying these body shopping companies farm the IT and non-IT workers to generate revenue and do not have any traditional solutions or services of their own. Even professionals who got jobs through such companies would shy away from acknowledging their employer and to some extent confused as to whom to call the employer! The client brand, that was more glorious a name or the real employer providing the payroll.

This was the scenario many, many years back, way back in the 70s and 80s. However, now the job market and the sentiments attached around the employer, the job role and the background have progressed and that reflects on how professionals nowadays boast about the consultancy firm they belong to. Even the consultancy firms in India have revamped the way they used to function. It’s not just body shopping or contracting a worker but also providing expert advice, trainings, market intelligence, strategies etc. to the client companies and also to the job seekers.

But one thing has remained constant for the staffing companies in India from olden times, and that is the advantage they offer and these are: Cost efficiency, Capital saving, time saving, reduced overheads.

Majorly known for offering contractual jobs to professionals, the job consultancy in India has now multiple forms of staffing solutions, namely – Sub-contract, Perm staffing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing , etc. Besides these, staffing solutions in India, nowadays are also providing many more services directly and indirectly associated to the professional growth of job seekers.

There was a lot of hearsay about the body-shopping companies in India with comments such as ‘bad career decision’ for those who would take up contractual jobs. But with all this growth and advancement in the staffing solutions in India, all those notions seem to be null and void.

Staffing companies in India are a one stop shop for any kind of job requirement both for the companies and the job seekers. And with the volatile nature of the current job market, job consultancies in India are even more sought after to meet the special requirements for limited time periods.

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