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Monday, June 19, 2017

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The fact is, for decades our work has been replaced by automation, either in industrial units or by computers, with time new techniques and technologies replaced the old ones but we have always found a way to adapt. Today Adaptation is the key. Skills to develop to help you keep your job- Let us have a look...

A job that follows the conventional steps follows the route to automation. Conversely, any job that requires creativity or where human-to-human interaction is vital cannot be automated. A machine will have difficulty addressing the consequences of a problem at hand, creative thinking, most importantly problem-solving that requires empathy and patience. They lack the ability to interpret the emotions. Creating an advertising campaign requires a higher level of creativity and understanding of human psychological traits, which would be difficult for robots to replicate. Motivating a team or group to implement procedural changes isn't something a robot could manage, either.

The real risk isn't losing a job, but losing certain functions of your job that are easily automated. This will require you to adapt and possibly update your skills for next-level responsibilities.

Develop skills that make you matchless.

Robots are great at repetitive tasks, searching data, or any task that doesn't require adapting, creative thinking or making decisions. Even a basic understanding of coding or any specific STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skill enhances your ability to understand the root cause of a problem. One who can creatively develop solutions to address interpersonal or operational solutions is on an edge. And don't discount the soft skills. Soft skills range from interpersonal communication to complex problem-solving with dozens of skills in between. Learn how to negotiate, speak in public, resolve conflict, build cohesive teams or think like a designer.

Developing emotional intelligence adds to this advantage. Emotional intelligence includes your self-awareness, self-management, empathy and social effectiveness. Honing skills within these areas not only improves your performance, you also enhance skills artificial intelligence can't compete with. Your ability to motivate, influence and assess people makes you a valuable asset to any team.

Ready, set, learn.

Be optimistic about technology and have a positive attitude about the use of automation. Invest in training during your weekends, spare an hour or 2 while you are at work. Now where to find relevant, training to invest in? Check professional associations for webinars available to members. Professional sites and training portals host various courses. Ask around and see if anyone can recommend local, in-person classes. Have a look at the training your employer offers. You may want to investigate shorter-term leadership programs, interpersonal skills or classes that include experiential learning. Identifying a mentor with strengths in areas you are looking to improve allows you to practice and get immediate feedback.

Step out, Practice flexibility, Insist on what you deserve.

In the coming times, the nature of jobs will continue to morph. If you keep an open mind and are receptive to change, it will be easier for you to survive in the tumultuous world of work. Your employer will expect you to bring value to the table- the type of work you do and the role will look very different after several years. As you consider new opportunities, look for companies that celebrate flexible work offerings, learning and innovative opportunities that give your brain cells the much needed feed, encourage a collaborative work culture and offer resources for your professional development. Companies that offer these benefits are more likely to help you stay a step ahead of the robots. At the end of the day, it is up to you to manage your performance, skill development and happiness at work.

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