IT Recruitment

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

IT Recruitment

IT job market in India

IT career climate in India is as complex as it is unpredictable. Digitalization, automation and the overall technological disruption across sectors has resulted in new opportunities for businesses to grow and create value. But are businesses ready to transform yet? Do they have the skillsets needed to remain relevant?

The 4th industrial revolution has brought in new skills and talent along with an agile workforce together with fresh ways of getting work done. But talent shortage is still a challenge in the Indian labor market.

Customer, as well as company expectations are evolving and concepts of scale, value and competition are getting revamped. recruitment, is therefore skill oriented and talent centric. A combination of right skills and strong learnability quotient will help candidates pass the IT recruitment riddle.

IT Recruitment:

With talent shortage reaching its peak in the last 12 years, employers are facing difficulty finding qualified candidates. More employers than ever are finding it difficult to fill open jobs. IT recruitment has thus, become quite challenging as the right skills are yet to catch up with the jobs available in the market.

Jobs are being created. With digitalization and automation taking over all the sectors, IT recruitment is now prominent in the non IT sectors as well. Industries such as Manufacturing, Retail and BFSI show strong hiring intentions for software developers and Networking engineers.

Besides IT recruitment, IT companies are also focusing on training and upskilling of their existing staff to keep pace with the rapidly advancing technology ecosystem. A survey shows that an increasing number of employers in India are investing in training and upskilling their existing staff to be relevant in the industry.

What candidates want

The candidates for IT recruitment are now more agile than ever. The Gen Z candidates want more than access to jobs. Value, choice and personalized approach to career decisions is what they want.

A high tech approach towards candidates will build a positive candidate experience. AI driven IT recruitment is paving the way as employers are investing in a range of technology platforms designed to help them screen and engage candidates.

Many employers want to be innovative but they are not sure what problem they are trying to solve with new HR technology. However, technology will not add value to the candidate experience without creative human beings who can harness the new tools to solve problems, optimize their usage and ensure ROI.

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