Temporary Staffing for Festive Hiring in 2022

Temporary Staffing for Festive Hiring in 2022

India’s job market took an immense hit when COVID-19 struck us. Things were only starting to settle down when the second wave struck us again. Businesses noticed a decline in sales, an increase in losses, some of them shutting down, and a moderate spike in unemployment rates. According to the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey for Q4 2022, Indian employers report strong hiring intentions for the October to December period. With 64% of employers expecting to increase payrolls, 10% forecasting a decrease, and 24% anticipating no change.

Online sales are set to see a huge boost, particularly between August and December because top e-commerce and other retail companies have already started their seasonal sales, and so have the brands. Online sales picked up once we went into lockdown, and it will only increase in the upcoming months to quench the pent-up demand of two years.

Brands have always understood the importance of festivities in the lives of customers and are constantly driven by them. The companies that take advantage of the high consumer spends during this season would benefit from an increase in revenue. Additional hiring and expansion, especially of their delivery fleet, is a sure way to ensure that time-bound pick-up and deliveries are being done of their products. They also need to make sure that no defective products reach their customers. If not managed well, it could stop them from receiving repeat purchases or result in receiving negative reviews and messages online.

To ensure that sales run smoothly, these companies generally consider hiring trained temporary staff. Hiring staff temporarily means that companies only need to add resources for 3-4 months, during the festive period to manage the surge. They can then decide to reduce some or let go of all of the temporary staff whenever they need to.

Additionally, the temporary staff that companies such as ours, provide are experienced and trained in certain skills. This means that they do not need to go through inductions or training. They can begin working from Day 1 on the shop floor.

Organizations who want to make the best of it, have begun hiring. Most have begun hiring for their supply chain and logistics department. This time e-commerce companies intend to have a sharp focus on smaller cities and towns.

Most companies select their contract staffing companies who are reliable and reputed. They prefer renewing with organizations that they worked with in the past.

Organizations in various parts of the country are still facing uncertainty and have prioritized minimizing costs, which is why temporary staffing is the way to go. At Manpower, we have helped over 250 companies with more than 70,000 associates to help them not only manage but excel during the festive season. We foresee hiring levels to increase more during this festive season compared to last year. Hiring temporary staff in India is the best way to ensure customer delight. With temporary staff, you can meet your staffing requirements at low cost and without having to make a long-term commitment. Contact us today to find out more.

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