Give Your Social Media a Professional Upgrade

Give Your Social Media a Professional Upgrade

Social Media is now an integral part of our existence, whether we like it or not. Most people live their lives out of Social Media. It allows you for Instant gratification, social acceptance, expression of opinion/grievance besides networking. However, we need to be careful. Your social media digital footprint can make or break our career. Not too many think about how their social media presence can impact their career, especially when they apply for a job. While we all enjoy a good laugh, we need to be thoughtful of how we portray ourselves online. Your footprint ranges from the employment details you showcase to the posts you share. Some of the best job consultancies in India recommend cleaning up your digital footprint before you begin your job hunt.

Once you decide to be cautious about what you share online, there are a few other things you can do to get a job using social media. Here are a few things to pay attention to online.

Revamp and Update LinkedIn

One shouldn’t use digital networking to simply gain from other people. It is important to create value for others. Be active on LinkedIn and write recommendations for your connections, especially people you’ve worked with previously. Like and share posts that resonate with your values and beliefs. You must also update your profile picture to a professional photograph being mindful of the background. Other things you can include are relevant projects, accomplishments, specialized skills, and volunteer work.

Join Facebook groups

Facebook isn’t just a place for staying in touch with your family and friends anymore. Recently, Facebook has boosted Groups, which can now be a place to join for professional insights and networking with new people in your field. Facebook groups will help you expand your network outside the people you already know. You can participate in chats, seminars, discussions etc. By being intentional with joining particular groups, you can get career-focused information and whatever you need to grow in your field.

Find jobs on Instagram

Similar to Facebook, there’s more to Instagram than just selfies. You can find plenty of valuable career and other professional information by following the right accounts and hashtags. Actively use the search box instead of idly scrolling through your feed. Recruitment companies such as ManpowerGroup India occasionally share job openings on Instagram as well so follow them. Also, follow hashtags like #careertips or #jobsinindia so that relevant information does show up on your feed.

It doesn’t matter what digital platform you use. The important thing is to be mindful of how you use it and behave in it. Remember that your digital footprint is visible to anyone, including your future employers. Your past posts can be an integral part of your future. Instead of letting algorithms dictate your feed, keep your needs and goals in mind. Set your goals for these social media sites, and then make your next move.

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