Be the best version of YOU at work

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Be the best version of YOU at work

We'd all like to excel at work and land that promotion we deserve. Whether you are just starting in a job or been there for years, there are characteristics that employers notice. If you are seeking a promotion or setting yourself up for other career opportunities, it’s time to freshen up the list that will help you stand out in a positive way.


If you are self-motivated, you will work until things get done. Something better is always the goal. Self-motivation is of great help in fulfilling your own objectives along with organization’s goals. This includes your own training; take a class or ask someone for help to learn something new. Desire to learn new skills and proactive approach to solve issues by leading without a title is something that can help you to prepare for the next role.

Positive attitude

Positive thinking is the key to motivation. Employees with a positive attitude will always think of ways to accomplish their task in a well defined manner. Those who are upbeat and optimistic are more enjoyable to work with and much more likely to stay employed. Your attitude makes a difference. It triggers a healthy thought process, enabling you to think wisely and logically.

Work with integrity

One of the most sought after and hard to find characteristics – integrity. Doing what is right even when there is pressure to take another path. Be honest, trustworthy and virtuous in all work encounters. When you can offer your employer transparency and honesty in your work and actions it adds a great deal of value.

Passion for the job

You passionate about the work you do? Do you show it? To carve a niche for yourself, it is essential that everyone around you sees that you are invested in your work whether it is in your daily work or executing big decisions. Passion is contagious and gets attention. It is an example to those around you, it is a leadership quality, and your management team will certainly take notice when it is obvious in everything you do.

Bring confidence

Be confident. It’s a good trait but make sure to temper it with a humble nature. When you are confident in your job you are more likely to offer suggestions that can have a great impact. A confident employee does not mind sharing the limelight to help build the confidence of those in their team.

Have a life outside your work.

High stress is bad for you and your job performance. Being tired slows you down and reduces the quality of your work. Set aside time for relaxing, regrouping, and stepping away from the daily grind.

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