Keeping Employees Happy

Keeping Employees Happy

It is a known fact that we spend a major chunk of our lives at work. Remote working has been different – for some, it has brought better flexibility and more time at home, while for others it has given them an increase in workload. Either way, as workforce consultants, we know that it is important for organizations to create a good environment for their employees to work in – whether it be in the office or at home.

For organizations that think within the box, they assume that offering vibrant office spaces, with standard benefits like paid leaves is enough, but it really isn’t. An office is a place where people from different cultures come together, and the office culture needs to reflect that, its incentives need to reflect that.

Most organizations today know that money on its own does not “buy” happiness, and it isn’t the only factor that makes their company a great place to work at. Durgesh Bagariya, Head – Branch Operations, from Manpower, explores five factors that are important to keep employees happy and motivated at work.


Every employee, irrespective of their rank on the hierarchy, wants to be appreciated when they have done a task well. It is important for managers to show their appreciation if their team has completed their tasks exceptionally well. This motivates employees to continue doing well in the future.

The Right Benefits

Companies can provide benefits such as medical insurance, lunch, gym membership, access to wellness programs, discount coupons. Having a gym membership as a perk can not only motivate employees to work well, but they would also talk about their work environment online. This would be great employer branding for the company.

Healthy Work-Life Balance

The concept of 9-6 job timings has faded away, where very few employees want their hours to be restricted. Employees know what they want. They want to work at a company where they have the opportunity to choose their work timings, which allows them to spend enough time on themselves or with their family. Employees who have more flexibility in their schedules tend to be happier with their overall work-life balance


Employees need the freedom to complete the task in a way that feels right to them. This allows them to use their own insights to come up with the best solution for the task they are working on. This not only helps deliver exceptional results but also gives the employees a sense of confidence in their work.

Interpersonal Relationships

According to research by McKinsey, 75% of employees said that the most stressful aspect of their job was their immediate boss. Those describing a bad relationship with their management had a substantially lower job satisfaction compared to those with a good relationship. This is why it is important for managers to have a good relationship with their team. If they are friendly, and motivate their team enough, not only will employees be happy to work in that environment, but will contribute better as well. There is better scope for collaboration.

We hope that this article has given you some insight into how to keep your employees happy and motivated. Remember, each employee is different, so make sure that you work out what things will motivate them. By investing in them, you will see that you get a more productive, happy, and ultimately loyal employee in return. If you want more insights into how you can motivate your employees, contact us and we can help you with an employee engagement activity that is perfect for your organization.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed it!

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