Hiring Differently - Revolutionizing Hiring Processes to attract Dyslexic Talent

Hiring Differently - Revolutionizing Hiring Processes to attract Dyslexic Talent

If employers are to recruit the skills of tomorrow, they need to identify the untapped market and recognize those candidates with dyslexia who have a unique set of skills. Traditional recruitment methods and assessments put dyslexic people at a disadvantage. Recruiters need to start thinking differently.

Here are five ways recruiters can help attract dyslexic talent:

1. Offer the basics: Provide extra time and quiet rooms for tests. If the candidates have any doubts regarding the questions, offer assistance wherever necessary.

2. Oversee minor errors: Forgive typos and spellings. These tiny factors are not indicative of commitment or ability.

3. Skip traditional tests: Understand that traditional tests may not always showcase dyslexic thinkers’ full talents. Help them show their abilities in different ways with a mix of skills-based assessments and interviews.

4. Be encouraging: Let applicants tell you they’re dyslexic by acknowledging that you value Dyslexic Thinking.

5. Reject formal assessments: Don’t insist on formal assessments to trigger reasonable adjustments, a self-declaration should be enough.

New technology could offer the solution. Human Resource Company ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions and Made by Dyslexia have been working together to discover and see how gamification, along with more engaging user experiences, can be used in assessments to identify a person’s ability and remove biases. Read more about this in our The Dynamic Dyslexic report.

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