Be a fit Business Traveller

Monday, October 2, 2017

Be a fit Business Traveller

Traveling for business can be challenging. It's easy to fall off track when traveling for work. Not only you get out from the comfort of your home, but you're also faced with work-related stressors, including long days of sitting in meetings, aches and pains from airline travel and, potentially, a battle with jet lag. But you don't have to neglect your fitness even when traveling for business.

Let us consider the following tips for staying fit on the go-

Drink Up

Because of the lack of humidity in cabin air, flying can be very dehydrating. Quench your thirst by drinking enough water while flying and try to stay away from anything caffeinated or alcoholic. Travel with a refillable water bottle, herbal tea bags or water flavor drops to add some variety to your fluids and avoid being tempted by other drinks during transport, meetings, or at your hotel.

Embrace your surroundings

Even if you're "on the clock," it's important to find some time to explore and sightsee. Simply taking a walk in the neighbourhood surrounding your hotel is enough to get your blood pumping and give you an opportunity to take in some of the local flavour.

Explore your adventurous side

If you have some downtime between sales calls, seek some adventure. Find a local hiking trail and head out into the woods for a break from the modern world. Go swimming in the hotel pool. Rent a bicycle and go for an early morning ride before your first meeting.

Use a pedometer or fitness tracker

Keeping tabs on your physical activity is a great way to ensure that you don't fall completely off track while traveling. You don't necessarily need to hit your usual targets, but watching your numbers and adding an evening activity is a great way to counterbalance a slow day.

Traveling is a great opportunity to try new types of physical activity and to explore an environment that may be very different from your usual surroundings. If possible, hike in the mountains, go tubing in the river or swim in the ocean. At the very least, walk downtown in a big city and try the local cuisine. The possibilities are endless when you're in a new place – so seize them!

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