The real world- Life skills young professionals should aspire to hone!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

There are some skills that you develop as you advance in your career, nonetheless, given the agility required to manoeuvre the highly competitive space out there today and to help you navigate through this, we have outlined few skills, if mastered; you are surely off to a good start.

Manage your “Time”- There will be several instances in your life when you aren't juggling with multiple personal and professional priorities. Time-management skills are a must, unless you want to feel constantly frazzled. Prioritise your work wisely; attend to things that warrant your attention on an immediate basis but stick to your meticulously drafted to-do-list. This will increase your productivity, keep you motivated and make you feel more enthusiastic for your next assignment.

Take that “Feedback” for good- To be successful in your career you need to be willing to accept feedback other people give you and think about ways how you can develop yourself. If you need to put across your point, pen it down with reasons and talk it across. A mutual and healthy discussion goes a long way in your professional journey.

“Ask” to perform a good job

Learn to speak up for the things that you want. Have a discussion with your supervisor on your views. It is important to perform your job effectively and what you want out of your career in general.

Be “Resilient”

Challenges shape you. A dreadful situation always shapes you for the better and you have the best of your memories as to how you performed while you were going through your troublesome times. Learning how to be flexible and resilient will help you cope with obstacles in your career and as such will help you recover easier and quicker.

Good to “Communicate”

Communication skills are vital in today’s job market, learn how to make small talk, or better yet start a discussion. Conversing with your colleagues, you may end up having learned something new about your organization, successes, exchanged interesting opinions, or established an important connection. Demonstrating interest with your fellow social groups will always be helpful. Get your “Writing” on track

An email sent to a colleague or submitting a project report; the ability to convey your thoughts in writing is crucial. The ability to organize your thoughts into a coherent form to target a particular purpose is the most effective way possible and half of your work is done. So write well.

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