Customized Talent based Outsourcing Solution moved the sales from 20% to 120% well within the stipulated time frame for a Japanese subsidiary firm.

Customized Talent based Outsourcing Solution


A subsidiary of a large Japanese electric company faced complications with the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the on-field salesforce.


  • Absence of skilled and experienced talent.
  • Impaired sales channel management and lack of leadership.
  • No baselines to set appropriate targets for all management levels.
  • Compliance with the frequently changing labour laws and regulatory compliance in India.


  • Deployed an outsource recruitment model. This entailed moving the headcount to contract-based hiring.
  • Mobilised an efficient method of building the sales pipeline- undertaking promotion processes on the client's behalf.
  • Optimised Human resource management with on-the-job training.
  • Developed a well-defined incentive plan, attracting an experienced talent pool.
Increased market share
Increased market share by 40%.


  • Market share increased by 40% as the client began outselling its competitors.
  • Sales increased by 120 - 130% of target per sales staff.
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