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Friday, June 9, 2017

Automation, the buzzword nowadays, has not only brought in a number of benefits such as task efficiency, increased productivity, reduced cost, raised earnings, it has also given way to the increasing demand for skilled labor.

Yes, the developed age of artificial intelligence and robots is on the verge of a skill crunch!

And, there is only one challenge: the rapid shift of technology change has withered longevity of a particular set of skills acquired by IT grads. The shelf life of a skillset is no more than a few years. Recent surveys on hiring outlook for the Indian IT industry report that automation and technology shifts have resulted in a talent crunch for niche skills.

Below are a few solutions to the IT skill gap that will keep you ahead in this fierce competition:

1. Increase your learnability: Technology is ever changing and so is the workplace. Your learnability shows your ability and desire to grow and upgrade yourself to the new challenges in your work life. The tech giant doesn’t really care much about GPAs. But it really expects you to have the right analytical and logical skills. So, get going on brushing up those areas. There are a lot of e-learning providers that offer courses on what the market demands.

You can increase your learnability by following a few things, such as: find your area of interest, find a friend/buddy to learn with, reward yourself and nurture yourself through the accomplishment of positive change.

2. Mind your language: Yes. It’s English! Effective communication is the key to success in the corporate world. Work on your fluency, sentence construction, pronunciation, and basic grammar as this will go a long way in a cross-culture team communication or client handling.

3. Shift your attitude! Being the master of your own career, you are responsible for ensuring the relevance of our skills and the persistent cultivation of our careers. Keep evaluating skills and capabilities periodically and grow those skills that are relevant. Online job posting sites will also give you a fair idea around the skills in demand in the market. One smart way to cultivate your career is to think in terms of “career option value”, making yourself marketable for multiple emerging career possibilities by constantly adding to your own profile of transferable skills, networks and experiences.

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