Market scoping, market mapping, video interviews and BOOOM - A US-based firm establishes its full-fledged operations here without even travelling to India.

Market scoping, market mapping, video interviews and BOOOM


A US-based digital marketing firm planned to expand its operations in India and was looking for a dependable agency that could provide end-to-end recruitment solutions from market mapping to resources.


  • An unprecedented demand for talented IT resources with niche skill sets.
  • A compressed hiring timeline.
  • A reliable partner to perform the dual processes of building a solid foundation internationally and finding the right talent, simultaneously.


  • Implemented a meticulous strategy for a long-term end-to-end Recruitment Process Sourcing contract to acquire skilled talent (3000 hires).
  • Complete market analysis for an improved compensation regime, diverse roles, and talent pool availability.
  • Automated recruitment process for a seamless hiring experience using technology and online assessment tools.
  • Utilized ManpowerGroup’s office premise to facilitate the on-ground joining formalities.
  • Right recruitment metrics placed to monitor and track talent pool growth.


  • Recruitment goals achieved within projected timelines.
  • Dramatic drop in time to hire.
  • Turnaround time reduced to 30 days.
  • 15+ skill sets covered and 500+ candidates placed in a year’s time.
  • Increased offer-to-joining ratio as high as 84%.
Offer to joining ratio 84%
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