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Privacy Notice for Associates / Employees

We at ManpowerGroup India, including its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively referred to as “ManpowerGroup India” or “our” or “we”), may collect and maintain certain personal information about our employees & sub-contractors (referred as 'You' or 'employee’ or ‘sub-contractor’) as part of general employee records.

Personal data collection

We collect and maintain the below categories of personal data and sensitive personal data of our employees & sub-contractors. The personal data collected may include but is not limited to:

 • Identification Information including name, age, date of birth, email address, home address, contact details, government-issued identification numbers, photographs, demographic information, citizenship, nationality, marital status, etc.

• Educational and Professional Details including higher education, certifications, previous employment history, etc.,

• Background check reports including educational and employment checks, etc. in accordance with applicable law(s)

• Compensation and Benefits Information including details of salary and benefits, name & contact details of family member’s or dependents, bank account details, salary reviews, records relating to holiday and other leave(s), working time records etc.

• Information about your performance at work, including references obtained from your previous place of work, performance evaluations, as well as opinions expressed by your colleagues, individuals whom you manage, supervisors, and clients of ManpowerGroup India;

• Travel and Expenses Information including passport, visa details, corporate card transactions, expense details, supporting bills, etc.

• Learning and Development Information including training, certifications, attendance and assessment records, etc.

• Information collected as part of Surveillance and Monitoring such as video surveillance data, physical access logs, activity logs from systems, communication channels, etc.


The sensitive personal data collected may include:

• Information relating to your Health: such as disability status, Biometric data, etc.

• Information related to racial, ethnic origin or religious beliefs to comply with local regulatory law(s).

• Data relating to criminal convictions and offences collected from background checks or CCTV monitoring.

Purposes of processing your personal data and the legal basis for processing

The personal information we hold and process about you, enables us to run the business and manage our relationship with you effectively and provide services to our clients. This information is collected and processed during the recruitment process, whilst you are working for us, at the time when your employment ends and after you have left. The purpose is to comply with your employment contract, any legal requirements, pursue our legitimate business interests and defend our position in legal proceedings. Some of the key processing activities shall include:

• Pay your salary and register you for benefits - The information requested is for the performance of our obligations under your employment contract.

• Pay taxes – We are legally obliged to pay certain taxes on your earnings and use your information for our legal obligations and adhere to other statuary requirements.

• Background Verification – We may engage third-party vendors to carry out background verification checks including identity, educational, employment and criminal verification to comply with applicable legal requirements and where permissible under local law.

• Staff administration – We may keep employment records relating to employment history, CV, references, absences, etc. We keep a copy of your employment contract and any correspondence with you in the event of termination of your employment, for our legitimate business interests and compliance with employment law.

• Performance and compensation – We may process personal data as part of performance review processes and in relation to compensation, rewards, and benefits. We also keep learning and development records for our legitimate business interests.

• Travel and Expense – We may process personal data and engage travel and immigration vendors in facilitating corporate travel, location transfers, validating expenses and relevant activities in line with our Travel, Mobility and Expense policies.

• Discipline, grievance, and dismissal – From time to time, we may process personal data in connection with disciplinary, grievance and dismissal processes, to satisfy our legitimate business interests.

• Monitoring and Surveillance - We monitor and record computer use and in certain cases, corporate telephone use and also carry out CCTV monitoring of key areas. We also keep records of your hours of work to satisfy our legitimate business interests, for the safety and security of the company and its staff.

• Audit Compliance – We may process the necessary personal data as part of our audit processes and engage third-party auditors to comply with applicable laws and to satisfy our legitimate business interests.

• New employment opportunities - We may retain your employment records and related documents containing your personal data for future employment-related opportunities.

Disclosure of business contacts, CV, and background screening information to clients – where required by clients as data controllers.

Prevention of fraud – We may process your personal data for the purpose of fraud prevention and the legitimate business interests.

• Verifying compliance with ManpowerGroup India policies – We may process your personal data for the purpose of assessing and ensuring your compliance with the various internal ManpowerGroup India policies in pursuit of the legitimate business interests of the company.

• Reporting potential crimes – We may process your personal data for detection and reporting potential crimes where required under national law(s).

• Documents produced by employees & sub-contractors – We may store documents and records that are produced by you and your colleagues which contain your personal data, may be shared with clients to carry out your duties and in pursuit of our legitimate business interests.

• Sensitive personal data - We may process sensitive personal data relating to your racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, disability status, etc., to meet the local laws and regulations.


Sharing personal data with Third parties

• Where required or permitted by law, personal data may be provided to others, such as regulators and law enforcement agencies.

• From time to time, we may consider corporate transactions such as a merger, acquisition, reorganization, asset sale, or similar. In these instances, we may transfer or allow access to information to enable the assessment and undertaking of that transaction.

• We may use third parties to carry out certain activities (such as payroll processing, external audits, etc.), to help run our business and provide you benefits (such as pension plan or health insurance schemes), to facilitate your corporate travel & expenses and to carry out background verification.

• We share information with our internal staff and our group of companies for business and administrative purposes.

• Where required for your role, your business contact details may be shared with our clients, contractors, and suppliers.

• We may also share your CV’s and background verification status to customers, upon request, to comply with our contractual obligations.

Existence of Automated Profiling and Decision Making

We do not use automated profiling and do not carry out any processing activities that involve automated decisions.

For Further Details

For more information, such as your rights in respect of your personal data, transfer of personal data, data retention and security measures implemented by ManpowerGroup India, please contact our support team [email protected].